WSH patients tell their amazing survival stories in three TV ad

Janette, stunned by a breast cancer diagnosis, explains that once she arrived at Westside Surgical Hospital and met the staff, “I knew I could do this.”

Marilyn gives a very straightforward reason for choosing the hospital for treatment: “It’s the only complete breast care center in Houston.”
Jennifer, daughter of a breast cancer survivor, knows that her risk for the disease is higher than average, so she gets regular mammograms at Westside Surgical Hospital. “With their experts looking out for me, I know I’m doing everything I can to make sure I can see my kids – and grandkids – grow up too.”

Each woman tells her story in a series of 30-second TV ads running on KPRC Channel 2 through late March, supplemented by banner ads on the station’s website,

The response has been dramatic, with a 62 percent jump in visitors to the WSH website in the first two weeks and more than 82 percent increase in the second two weeks.

The ads emphasize the hospital’s supportive atmosphere, comprehensive medical care and expert physicians and staff, all ending with the tagline: It’s not just a place to be cured. It’s a place to heal.”